Kecskemet Exhibition at Danish Cultural Centre, Sep 2006

Kecskemet Exhibition at Danish Cultural Centre, Sep 2006


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Artist Participating the Glocal Project 2006

Curators: Octavian Neagu & Saskia Te Nicklin

From Denmark:

Octavian Neagu. Born in Romania- lives and works in Denmark since '90.
  • Octavian
  • Katharsis Cultural Space

  • Jeannette Land Schou
  • jeanettelandschou.dk

  • Kirsten Dufour & Finn Thybo Andersen
  • YNKB

  • Khaled Ramadan
  • Chamber of Public Secrets
  • khaledramadan.dk

  • Mariella Brandusa & Johnny Friborg
  • Katharsis Cultural Space

  • Oliver Nicklin
  • Kemi-Amox

  • Saskia Te Nicklin
  • Katharsis Cultural space

  • Søren Thougaard

    From Georgia:

    Rusudan Melikba. Currently lives and works in Denmark.

    From Romania:

    Gheorghe Rasovszky & Carmen Rasovszky

    Teodor Graur

    Antal Janosi

  • Zsolt Berszan

  • Bogdan Pelmus
  • LoadingGallery
  • BogdanPelmus.com

  • Magda Pelmus
  • MagdaPelmus.com
  • LoadingGallery

  • Florina Nita
  • artmashine

  • From Canada:

    Theo Pelmus
  • propound
  • fusion-art

  • From Hungary:

    Ulrich Gabor
  • ulrich.hu

  • Istvan Damo

    From Germany:

    Claudia Liekam
  • Liekam.de

  • Hans Braumüller
  • braumuller.net

  • From France:

    Agnes Bierebent

    " I'm Going Glocal ! "

    project exhibition starts: 15 sep. 2006. ends 2 Oct 2006
    1. Opening at D-K-I Kecskemet, Hungary 15/09
  • D-K-I Hungary

  • 2. Opening at K.O.K.E.M , Miercurea Ciuc, Romania 22/9
  • K.O.K.E.M

  • 3. Opening at HT003, Bucharest, Romania 02/10
    4. Opening at Loading gallery,Bucharest,Romania 30/09
  • LoadingGallery

  • 5. Opening at Overgaden, center for contemporary art, Copenhagen. Datum yet to come.
  • Overgaden

  • Project Description:

    Title: “I’m Going Glocal”

    Motivation: To create a series of exhibitions that thematically investigates and reflects on the subject of globalisation and its effect via screenings, happenings, performances, site-specific installations and workshops. The artists involved in the project, will function as mediators, a type of cultural ambassadors, if you like, in a Europe which at this juncture, is faced with diverse dilemmas and ‘crisis’ situations; be it political, economical or cultural, with both positive and negative outcomes in the local identity and in the global world-view.

    Objective: Is to generate and activate a series of ‘dialogues’ by the use of new media and to establish workshops (the workshops will be created “in situ” in collaboration with the local population and artists).
    The exhibition will, by its form and content, create a platform for interactive communication with both public and professional circles from both other countries and cultures, and from different levels of society within the particular country. What constitutes a really European project? How “local” can a European project be?
    To involve and stimulate young artists, professionals or students from the country or area concerned, to contribute and develop cooperation via their own particular art and form of expression.
    To generate a dynamic and innovative developing-exhibition/project.

    Form: For the project “I’m Going Glocal!” it has been decided that the overall exhibition should be characterized by New Medias: art videos and films, screenings, electronic sounds, digital images and photo, and workshops.
    The participants are a group of international artists; 5 from Denmark, 2 from Germany, 2 from Hungary and 7 from Romania.
    Why just these countries? Because we believe they symbolize the ‘3 stages’ in the process of establishing a united EU. Denmark and Germany have been members since the beginning- more or less, Hungary has just joined the EU, and Romania is still waiting to be accepted by the EU.
    The project is formed by 5 exhibitions: 3 in Romania, 1 in Hungary and 1 in Denmark. The first exhibition will be held in D-K-I (as mentioned above) in Kecskemet, Hungary. One week later the same exhibition and concept will be opened at KO.KE.M in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania. Two weeks later the exhibition will be opened at HT003 in Bucharest, Romania and at the Loading gallery,Bucharest,Romania. We hope that in this phase of the project it will be re-created but renewed at the CIAC (centre for international contemporary art) where the intention is to invite i.e. a politician, a businessman, an economist, a teacher, a shop owner, a sociologist, a historian etc. Their statements, assertions and texts, together with well documented materials of the project and its sequence of events will be collected into a book and published for those interested ( schools, institutions, museums, and private people or collectors, of course). The documents and materials will also become net-based where information and links can be downloaded and the whole ‘story’ can be read and studied. Thereafter the exhibition will be shown in one of Copenhagen’s art-institutions- where also a forum and room for debate will be created.

    Global + Local = Glocal

    Content: Globalisation is no new phenomenon: global connections and relations of independence have existed for generations - one might claim since man started challenging and exploring the world. What is new about globalisation today is its omnipotence and its significant impact on national relations and on the life of the individual: political, economical or cultural- with both positive and negative consequences. In short globalisation has provoked a new sense of consciousness and transformation. Thus is the quest of the project “I’m Going Glocal!”- to raise questions and to investigate. The project is process orientated and does not seeks to give answers.
    Since Gutenberg invented the printing press, an irreversible spiritual and technical revolution has been an on-going process. From that point on, it looked like that the face of the earth and life style had been categorically changed. So let us today challenge our glocal universe through the use of the inevitable ‘new media’. Let us communicate with our ‘fellow citizens’. Through the media nowadays we can communicate with each other across greater distances, anywhere and in now time. According to M.McLuhan we have changed into a global village? The distinction between inner and outer space is beginning to crumble. The differences between being here or there and being ‘with it’ (mentally or physically) is progressively blurring, our boundaries gradually becoming indistinct. The phenomena of being glocal ( i.e. European society, World society) bears its own obligations and honor for nurturing national tendencies of individual ideals and imagination. No one has appeared on the horizon claiming to solve these contradictions that have resulted in us being where we are today, but the search for identity seems to have led to an ‘opening’ to inaugurate a minimal phenomenology; a recognition of present cultural resources.
    By this way we hope to see the changes and effects of Glocalisation, which have evolved in countries such as Denmark, Germany or Hungary, and perhaps in Romania? All four countries will, through this project co-operate, perhaps to influence, and to socialize with each other. The project will seek to go from global to local discussions and topics- thus to go in the opposite direction- going back. As a reflection in a mirror, or the returning echo.

    On behalf of the The Glocal Project “I’m Going Glocal!”

    Curator and concept-manager
    Octavian Neagu &
    Saskia Te Nicklin

     2006 Copenhagen, Denmark.

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